Magna Excavations 2024

The Magna excavations are part of a 5 year project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and will continue until 2027. Next years excavations will kick off in April 2024 and run through until September 2024, continuing the current area of excavations Milecastle 46 and beginning to explore the Vallum ditches to the south. You can find out more about the excavation plans for the project and our Scheduled Monument Consent and you can follow along with the current excavations on the Dig Diary.

We launched the places for the Magna 2024 excavations at 12 noon on the 17th October 2023 all of places are now booked. Any cancelled places will be available immediately and you will be able to purchase them at the link below. If you would like a monthly update of availability please sign up to our monthly newsletter.

From 2024 please note you will be able to sign up to just one of the Vindolanda Trust’s excavations either Vindolanda 2024 or Magna 2024 but not both. This is to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to take part.

Period List for 2024 Magna Excavation season:

Period 1: 1st – 12th April – Fully Booked.

Period 2: 15th – 26th April – Fully Booked.

Period 3: 29th April – 10th May – Fully Booked.

Period 4: 13th – 24th May – Fully Booked.

Period 5: 27th May – 7th June – Fully Booked.

Period 6: 10th – 21st June – Fully Booked.

Period 7: 24th June – 5th July – 1 place available.

Period 8: 8th – 19th July – Fully Booked.

Period 9: 22nd July – 2nd August – Fully Booked.

Period 10: 5th – 16th August – Fully Booked.

Period 11: 19th – 30th August – Fully Booked.

Period 12: 2nd – 13th September – Fully Booked.

Period 13: 16th – 27th September – Fully Booked.

Costs for 2024

Excavate Only: £220

Two weeks excavation at Roman Magna and an Excavation T-Shirt for one person.

Trowel icon

Excavate & Stay Single: £1200

Two weeks excavation at Roman Magna and an Excavation T-Shirt, plus self-catered accommodation at the Hedley Centre at Vindolanda for one person.

Trowel & bed icon

Excavate & Stay Twin/Double: £1800

Two weeks excavation at Magna Fort and an Excavation T-Shirts for two people, plus self-catered accommodation at the Hedley Centre at Vindolanda for two persons.

Two trowels and 2 beds icon

Book a Place:

Each Ticket type has a different icon make sure to click on the correct ticket type for what you are after, tickets are non-transferable.

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