Roman Army Museum Highlights

Start your Hadrian’s Wall adventure here. There is nowhere else like it!

Come to the Roman Army Museum and immerse yourself in the life of a Roman soldier. The museum includes three galleries, a high definition film theatre, and a Roman classroom with a holographic teacher. Based at the site of Magna Roman Fort the museum is situated next to one of the most complete and picturesque sections of Hadrian’s Wall.

The Museum Galleries

The galleries at the Roman Army Museum tell the story of the Roman soldier from a general empire-wide perspective through to daily life on the frontier. The galleries include objects from Vindolanda’s collection and full-scale replicas along with audio-visual and interactive displays.

  • Gallery One: The Roman Army and it’s Empire. Learn about the structure of the Roman Army and the expansion of the empire through audio-visual displays. Visit the recruitment tent where Centurion Africanus tries to persuade you to join the Roman Army. This gallery displays the only known surviving helmet crest to survive as well as an astonishing set of hipposandals.
  • Gallery Two: Visit the Hadrian room and find out about the man himself and see a large, commissioned artwork, in Roman style, of the conquering and building of the Wall. 
  • Gallery Three: Here we explore daily life on the frontier at the Roman fort of Magna. Find out about training (you can see not only replica armour and weapons but also a scorpio minor and a manuballista, both types of Roman artillery), food, religion, and leisure. Learn about the fort’s Syrian archers and have a go at perfecting your archery skills with our interactive bow.

Immerse yourself!

In 20 rich immersive minutes, you will soar like an eagle across the majestic Northumberland landscape, over Hadrian’s Wall, and through a thousand years of history. See for yourself in incredible high definition detail what life was like on the wall for our ambitious soldier ‘Aquila’, what it took to rise through the ranks, and why many didn’t make it! Battle and boredom – an intoxicating mix of emotions for those tasked with defending Hadrian’s honour!

Can’t wait to see the film – you can watch the trailer!

Back to school – Roman Style

Our fabulous education room is an action-packed Roman classroom where you can interact with our Roman teacher Velius Longus who will emerge from the past, via a hologram, complete with his remarkable magic blackboard, and give an entertaining lesson where you will learn Latin, maths, and morals, all essential skills if you want to join the Roman Army!     

Magna Roman Fort

Behind the Roman Army Museum is the Roman Fort of Magna.  A five-year research project at the fort starts in July 2023. During the summer months, you can join one of our guided tours of the fort which lies hidden in the Northumberland landscape.

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