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Snap a Selfie!

Thursday, 15th Aug 2024, 10:00

Have you always wanted to grab a selfie with a Roman God or Goddess? Be transported 2,000 years back through time as you pick your Roman-themed background, get dressed up, and strike a pose!

Craft a Catapult

Thursday, 1st Aug 2024, 10:00

Experience the power of Roman artillery at the Roman Army Museum! Create your own version of a Roman scorpion catapult. How far can you fire it? Make use of the sensory yurt on the day as part of our Awaken Your Senses programme.

Archery on the Frontier

27th - 28th Jul 2024

Aim for the high score as you test out your ancient archery skills at the Roman Army Museum! Can you be as accurate as the cohort of Hamian archers stationed at Magna Fort 2,000 years ago?

Falconry Days: A View from the Skies

Saturday, 13th Jul 2024, 10:00

Soaring over Magna Fort with a stunning bird of prey display, we are taking to the skies at the Roman Army Museum.

A Positive Response to the Felling of THE Tree

Thursday, 11th Jul 2024, 18:00

A positive response to the felling of THE tree. In this lecture David Breeze will discuss other iconic views and favourite places on Hadrian's Wall embraced in his new book, Hadrian's Wall in our Time.

Tales from the Tablets

Saturday, 6th Jul 2024, 10:00

Join us for a journey through the tales of Orpheus and Eurydice, learn the cursive Latin alphabet, and create your very own tales from the tablets with our unfolding story game.

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